Fixtures & Results 2020-21

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First Team (EOL Premier Div) Results 2020-21

22-05-2021HPremier DivisionHarold Wood AthleticL1-2Riding
15-05-2021APremier DivisionCatholic UnitedL2-4Absolon, Thompson
08-05-2021HPremier DivisionLeigh RamblersW3-2Carroll, Riding, Robinson
01-05-2021APremier DivisionBuckhurst HillL0-4
24-04-2021HPremier DivisionRayleigh TownL1-3lock
17-04-2021APremier DivisionHarold Wood AthleticW2-1Absolon, Heath
10-04-2021HPremier DivisionBishops Stortford SwiftsL1-3Absolon
03-04-2021APremier DivisionBasildon TownL1-3Tredgett
12-12-2020APremier DivisionHuttonL2-3Absolon, Robinson
05-12-2020APremier DivisionLeigh RamblersL0-2
31-10-2020APremier DivisionSpringfieldL1-2Thompson
24-10-2020HPremier DivisionOld SouthendiansW3-0Snellin, Robinson, Lock
17-10-2020AEssex Premier CupSungateL0-2
10-10-2020HPremier DivisionBasildon TownL1-4Absolon
03-10-2020ASenior Division CupManford WayW2-1Carroll, Blackmur
26-09-2020APremier DivisionBishops Stortford SwiftsW1-0Snellin
19-09-2020APremier DivisionKelvedon HatchD1-1Adedokun
12-09-2020HPremier DivisionCatholic UnitedL 0-2
05-09-2020APremier DivisionSungateL1-3Absolon

Reserve Team (EOL Div 4) Results 2020-21

22-05-2021ADiv 4Laindon Orient ResW3-0Goddard (2), Prior
15-05-2021ADiv 4Chingford Athletic Res
L2-8Warne (2)
01-05-2021HDiv 4Galleywood ResL0-3
24-04-2021ADiv 4Old Chelmsfordians ResW3-1Gray, Riding (2)
17-04-2021HDiv 4Ongar Town ResL1-3Constable
ADiv 4Galleywood ResW2-0Constable, Riding
03-04-2021ADiv 4Canning Town ResD2-2Damrill (2)
05-12-20ADiv 4Catholic Utd ResL2-4Broadbridge, Juniper
31-10-2020HDiv 4Canning Town ResW3-1Constable (2), Palmer
24-10-2020ADiv 4Wakering Sports Res'sL1-8Prior
17-10-2020ADiv 4Ongar Town ResL1-4Calder
10-10-2020AEssex Junior CupEpping ResL2-3Roeper, Panons
03-10-2020HDiv 4Laindon Orient Res L0-2
26-09-2020ADiv 4Hashtag Utd DevL2-3De Sousa (pen), Juniper
19-09-2020HDiv 4Leytonstone ResL0-2
12-09-2020ARes CupCollier Row ResL0-2
05-09-2020HDiv 4Old Chelmsfordians ResL0-2

Third Team (MEL Div 4) Fixtures & Results 2020-21

05-06-2021HDiv 4United Chelmsford ChurchesL2-3Constable, Mlotshwa
15-05-2021tbaDiv 4Laindon Orient DevL0-2
15-05-2021ADiv 4Laindon Orient DevW3-1Goddard (2), Mlotshwa
08-05-2021ADiv 4Emerson UtdW4-3Goddard, Mlotshwa, Palmer, Martins
01-05-2021ADiv 4Dunmow UtdD0-0
01-05-2021HDiv 4Dunmow UtdL1-3Cawood
24-04-2021HDiv 4Power TownL1-7Goddard
Div 4
Div 4
Gt Baddow
Gt Baddow
10-04-2021HDiv 4DurningW1-0Cole
03-04-2021HDiv 4PitseaL2-5Goddard, Caywood
24-10-2020HDiv 4Power TownL0-1
17-10-2020ADiv 4Durning W2-1McGlinchey, Coupe
03-10-2020HThe Patron's Plate Mid-Essex League Knock-Out Laindon OrientL1-5Lee
26-09-2020AThe Patron's Plate Mid-Essex League Knock-Out CompetitionUnited Chelmsford ChurchesL1-4Oakford
19-09-2020AThe Patron's Plate Mid-Essex League Knock-Out CompetitionPower TownL1-9Mason
12-09-2020HThe Patron's Plate Mid-Essex League Knock-Out CompetitionPitsea Athletic Res'sL3-6Goddard(2), Rothon
05-09-2020AThe Patron's Plate Mid-Essex League Knock-Out CompetitionEmerson UtdW3-1Goddard(2), Lee

Vets First Team (MEVL Div 1 West) Fixtures & Results 2020-21

08-05-2021ADiv 1 (West)NewportW4-1Gerchen, Hall, Tuohy, Ademakinwa
01-05-2021HDiv 1 (West)Gt BaddowW5-4Goddard, Borg, Montgomery, Ademakinwa, OG
17-04-2021HDiv 1 (West)Ford BasildonL3-5Gerchen (3)
10-04-2021ADiv 1 (West)Silver EndL3-7Arscott, Oshitola, OG
12-12- 2020HEssex Veterans CupWhite Roding SportsW3-0Collins (3)
05-12-2020ADiv 1 (West)Old ChigwelliansL3-4Foster, Gerchen (2)
24-10-2020ADiv 1 (West)Old BarkabeyyansL0-3
17-10-2020HDiv 1 (West)London East L1-4Luck S
10-10-2020ADiv 1 (West)RyanW3-2Oshitola, Walker, Hall
03-10-2020HDiv 1 (West)FrenfordL1-10Cassidy
19-09-2020ADiv 1 (West)May & BakerL1-4Agunbiade

Vets Reserve Team (MEVL Div 4 East) Team Fixtures & Results 2020-21

12-06-2021HDiv 4 (East)Woodham Radars Res.W6-2Catterick (2), Chessher, Jose, Regan, Tucker
05-06-2021ADiv 4 (East)Witham Town Res,W4-2Tucker (3), Chessher
29-05-2021ADiv 4 (East)Ravens LegendsW6-2Campbell G (2), Catterick, Tuohy, Hall, Bassett
22-05-2021HDiv 4 (East)Leigh UtdD5-5Hall, Montgomery (2), Tuohy (2)
01-05-2021HDiv 4 (East)Burnham RamblersD2-2Tuohy, OG
24-04-2021ADiv 4 (East)FC RedwingW4-3Walker, Tucker, Chessher, Catterick
17-04-2021HDiv 4 (East)First City WanderersL0-5
10-04-2021ADiv 4 (East)Valley GreenW5-0Regan, Luck D, Newbould, Chessher (2)
12-12-2020HEssex Veterans CupWrittleL3-10Luck D, Tucker, Chessher
05-12-2020HDiv 4 (East)Ravens LegendsW4-3Tuohy (3), Tucker
24-10-2020HDiv 4 (East)Burnham RamblersW8-0Chessher (4), Catterick, Tuohy, Tomlinson (2)
17-10-2020ADiv 4 (East)Witham Town Res's W5-2Chessher, Tucker (3), Linger
10-10-2020HDiv 4 (East)Leigh UtdW4-1Chessher (3), Tuohy
26-09-2020HDiv 4 (East)Woodman RadarsW9-2Chessher (4), Luck D, Regan (2). Tucker (2)
19-09-2020ADiv 4 (East)First City WanderersL0-2

Vets Over 45 Team (MEVL Div 1 South) Fixtures & Results 2020-21

22-05-2021HDiv 1 (South)HorndonW7-3Bassett (3), Campbell, Henderson J, Henderson M, Henderson Jon
15-05-2021HDiv 1 (South)Basildon TownL1-2Bassett
08-05-2021ADiv 1 (South)West EssexW7-0Taylor (3), Bassett (3), Henderson M
01-05-2021ADiv 1 (South)RayleighW8-2Bassett (2), Campbell (3), Henderson M (2), Tarling
24-04-2021HDiv 1 (South)Hannakins FarmW6-2Swann (2), Collins (2), Bassett, Henderson M
17-04-2021HDiv 1 (South)HerongateW4-0Collins 2, Campbell (2)
10-04-2021ADiv 1 (South)PavillionW4-0Bassett, Campbell, Tarling, Taylor A
19-12-2021ADiv 1 (South)Hanakins FarmW6-1Collins, Campbell (2), Tarling, Henderson, Bassett
24-10-2020HDiv 1 (South)Herongate W10-2Campbell (2), Collins (3), Henderson J (2) Henderson M, Bassett, Tarling,
17-10-2020ADiv 1 (South)Pavillion W3-2
10-10-2020HDiv 1 (South)Basildon TownW9-1Campbell (4), Collins (3), Henderson (2)
19-09-2020ADiv 1 (South)Rayleigh TownW5-1Campbell (3), Tarling, Henderson (M)