Fixtures & Results 2019-20

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1st Team

17-08-2019HEOL Premier DivisionSpringfieldL2-5Elliot, Oliver
24-08-2019AEOL Premier DivisionBasildonL0-3
31-08-2019HEOL Premier DivisionHuttonD1-1Day
07-09-2019AEOL Premier DivisionSungateL1-2Carroll
14-09-2019HEOL Premier DivisionRayleighL1-3Carroll
28-09-2019HEOL Premier DivisionBasildonL2-3Carroll, Day
05-10-2019AEOL Premier DivisionBuckhurst HillD2-2Snellin, Day
12-10-2019HAnagrams Cup Rd 1The 61FC (Luton) W7-0Carroll, Day, Williamson, Elliot (4)
19-10-2019HEPC Rd 1HerongateW4-0Carroll, Day, Snellin, Holland
26-10-2019HEOL Premier DivisionKelvedonW3-1Absolon, Day, Tredgett
01-11-2019AEOL Premier DivisionCatholic UtdL0-2
09-11-2019AEOL Premier DivisionLeigh RamblersW1-0Snellin
16-11-2019AEOL Premier DivisionOld SouthendiansD1-1Carroll
23-11-2019HEPC Rd 2Canning TownW3-1
30-11-2019AAnagrams Cup Rd 2Sandridge RoversL0-1
07-12-2019HEOL Premier DivisionSungateL0-1
21-12-2019HEOL Premier DivisionBishops Stortford Swifts W2-1Carroll, Williamson
28-12-2019AEOL Premier DivisionOld SouthendiansD2-2Williamson, Absolon
04-01-2020HEOL Premier DivisionCanning TownL1-3Elliot
11-01-2020AEPC Rd 3Grays Athletic Res'sL0-1
18-01-2020HEOL Premier DivisionLeigh Ramblers
25-01-2020AEOL Premier DivisionCanning TownW4-1Tredgett (2), Cook, Carroll
08-02-2020AEOL Premier DivisionHarold WoodW3-2Absolon, Day, Carroll
15-02-2020AEOL Premier DivisionHutton
22-02-2020AEOL Premier DivisionKelvedon Hatch

2nd Team

31-08-2019AEOL Division 4Leytonstone Utd W3-2Constable, Damrill, Sousa
07-09-2019HRes LC R1Galleywood ResW2-1Snellin, Cook
28-08-2019AEOL Division 4Forest GladeW2-1Calder, Sousa
05-10-2019ARes LC R2Bishops Stortford SwiftsW4-3Head, Sousa, Ross (2)
12-10-2019AEJC R1Roydon Res'sL1-6
19-10-2019HEOL Division 4Ongar Res'sL0-1
26-10-2019AEOL Division 4Roydon Res'sL3-8Calder (2), Damrill
02-11-2019HEOL Division 4Forest GladeL0-4
09-11-2019AEOL Division 4Catholic Utd ResL2-3Broadbridge , Constable
23-11-2019AEOL Division 4Canning Town Res'sW3-1Juniper, Palmers, Williams
07-12-2019AEOL Division 4OC's Res'sL3-5Calder (2), Damril
14-12-2019HEOL Division 4Galleywood Res'sL0-6
04-01-2020AEOL Division 4Wakering Sports L1-2Sousa
11-01-2020HEOL Division 4Laindon OrientL2-4Broadbridge, Sousa
25-01-2020AEOL Division 4Ongar Town Res'sL1-4Broadbridge
08-02-2020HEOL Division 4Catholic Utd Res'sL2-3Bassett (2)
22-02-2020HEOL Division 4OC's W2-0Constable, Juniper
29-02-2020AEOL Division 4Laindon Orient Res'sL0-2
07-03-2020HEOL Division 4Leytonstone Utd
14-03-2020ARes LC R3Corinthian Res's
21-03-2020HEOL Division 4Chingford Athletic
28-03-2020AEOL Division 4Chingford Athletic

3rd Team

07/09/2019MEL Div 4HSilver End Res'sW3-1House (2), Hughan
14/09/2019MEL Div 4HOC'sW6-0House (3), R Shergill (2), A Shergill
21/09/2019MEL Div 4ABeaulie Park FC Res's
W3-0Hughan, Chambers, Hill
28/09/2019DSC R1HDurning W5-4 (AET)Marsden (2), Shergill R (2), Shergill A
05/10/2019MEL Div 4ALaindon Orient
L2-3Shergill, Marsden
12/10/2019EJT Rd 1AUpshire Forest FirstL3-6Shergill R, Henderson, Oliver
19/10/2019DSC R2HHutton FCL1-5House
26/10/2019MEL D4LC Rd 1HDunmow UtdW3-2Hockley, House, Marsden
09/11/2019MEL Div 4ADunmow UtdD2-2Moody, Shergill R
23/11/2019MEL Div 4HWrittle FCW3-0Goddard, Shergill R (2)
30/11/2019MEL Div 4ASpringfield FCL2-3Shergill R, Harrison
07/12/2019MEL Div 4AGreat Baddow FCW3-0Shergill R, Coupe, Marsden
04/01/2020MEL Div 4HBeaulie Park FC Res's
W2-1Hughan, Lavin
11/01/2020MEL Div 4HMaldon Saints L1-2Shergill A
18/01/2020MEL Div 4AKelvedon Social FC Res'sW4-3Goddard, Moody, Shergill, Oakkford
25/01/2020MEL Div 4HGreat Baddow FCW6-1Chambers, House, Marsden, Shergill (2), Coupe
01/02/2020MEL Div 4HEmerson Utd W5-1Goddard, Hill, Marsden, Rose, Shergill
22/02/2020MEL D4LC Rd 2HLaindon OrientL3-3 lost 2-4 on PensOakford, Shergill, OG
07/03/2020MEL Div 4HSpringfieldL1-7House
14/03/2020MEL Div 4HLaindon Orient
21/02/2020MEL Div 4HDunmow
28/03/2020MEL Div 4HBroomfield Res's
04/04/2020MEL Div 4AMaldon Saints
MEL Div 4AWrittle
11/04/2020MEL Div 4ASilver End Utd Res's
18/04/2020MEL Div 4ABroomfield Res's
25/04/2020MEL Div 4AOC's B
02/05/2020MEL Div 4AEmerson Utd Res's

Vets 1st Team

14/09/2019EVL - D1EARayleighW2-1Foster, Malcolm
21/09/2019EVL - D1EHRamsdenW4-2Montgomery, Foster, Malcolm (2)
28/09/2019EVL - D1EASpringfieldW4-1Barrett (2), Foster, Shave
05/10/2019EVL - D1EHPavilionWHome walkover
19/10/2019EPVC Rd 1AChipping OngarL3-4
26/10/2019D1 LC Rd1ALeigh TownW6-2Agunbiade (2), Barrett, Foster (3)
09/11/2019EVL - D1EHRamsden ScotiaD3-3Walker, Donoghue, OG
30/11/2019D1 LC Rd1HAveleyW5-1Foster (3), Malcolm, Seabrook
04/01/2020EVL - D1EHFordD3-3Ademakinwa, Foster (2)
Waltham UtdW2-1Ademakinwa, Foster
01/02/2020EVL - D1EALeigh TownL1-2Foster
08/02/2020EVL - D1EAFordL2-5Foster, Montgomery
22/02/2020EVL - D1EHOC'sW2-1Foster, Walker
07/03/2020EVL - D1EAOld BarksL0-2
14/03/2020EVL - D1EAPavillion
21/03/2020EVL - D1EHRayleigh Town
04/04/2020EVL - D1EHSpringfield
18/04/2020EVL - D1EAOC's
25/04/2020EVL - D1EHLeigh Town
02/05/2020EVL - D1EARamsden Scotia

Vets Reserve Team

14/09/2019EVL - D4EAWhite Notely Res'sW3-0Tucker (2), Kirby
21/09/2019EVL - D4EHBurnham RamblersW3-1Tucker (2), Luck D
28/09/2019EVL - D4EARavens LegendsD2-2Tucker, Smith
05/10/2019EVL - D4LCR2HHale End Athletic Res'sW4-1Tucker (3), Tuohy
19/10/2019EVL - D4EALeigh UtdW4-2Tucker (3), Tuohy
02/11/2019EVL - D4EAWoodham RadarsL1-2Tucker
09/11/2019EVL - D4EHAS RawrethL1-2Tucker
16/11/2019EVL - D4EHWitham Town Res'sD1-1Jose
30/11/2019EVL - D4EAWilliam FittL2-7Tucker (2)
04/01/2020EVL - D4EH

Leigh Utd
L2-3Tucker (2)
11/01/2020EVL - D4EAAS Rawreth
25/01/2020EVL - D4EABlackmore KnightsL1-4Tucker
01/02/2020EVL - D4EABurnham RamblersL2-5Tucker, OG
08/02/2020EVL - D4EHWoodham RadarsW2-0Tucker, Borg
15/02/2020EVL - D4EHValley GreenW10-0Tucker (7), Chessher, Jose, James
22/02/2020EVL - D4EHWhite Notley Res'sL4-6Tucker (3), Tuohy
21/03/2020EVL - D4EAWitham Town Res's
28/03/2020EVL - D4EHBlackmore Nights
04/04/2020EVL - D4EHRavens Legends
25/04/2020EVL - D4EAValley Green


14/09/2019EVL - O45 PLAOld ParmsW2-1Henderson M, Campbell
21/09/2019EVL - O45 PLAFobs PeverelL1-4Campbell
28/09/2019EVL - O45 PLHHarold HillL0-6
12/10/2019EVL - O45 PLC R1HOld ParmsL1-7Henderson J
19/10/2019EVL - O45 PLABroomfieldL3-5Henderson M (2), Campbell
26/10/2019EVL - O45 PLAFrenfordL0-3
16/11/2019EVL - O45 PLAFord (Basildon)L2-3Henderson M (2)
23/11/2019EVL - O45 PLHHerongateL1-5Henderson J
07/12/2019EVL - O45 PLABSCL0-2
11/01/2020EVL - O45 PLHFordsW5-1Campbell (3), Bassett, McWilliams
25/01/2019EVL - O45 PLHOld ParmsL0-1
01/02/2020EVL - O45 PLHBroomfield
15/02/2020EVL - O45 PLAHerongate D2-2Campbell, Carey
22/02/2020EVL - O45 PLAHarold HillW3-2Bassett, Campbell, Henderson J
29/02/2020EVL - O45 PLHFrenfordD1-1Campbell
07/03/2020EVL - O45 PLHHannakins FarmL3-5Campbell (2), Carey
21/03/2020EVL - O45 PLHFOBS Peverel
04/04/2020EVL - O45 PLAHannakins Farm
18/04/2020EVL - O45 PLHBSC